Oct 3, 2013 7:00pm - 9:00pm

At the Vero Beach H.S. Performing Arts Center onThursday, Oct 3, 2013:7pm - 9pm

Acclaimed British Actor David Payne's Description of AN EVENING WITH C.S. LEWIS

The year is 1963 and CS Lewis, the famous British author, is hosting a group of American writers at his home, just outside of Oxford. They have come to hear a man whose writings have already established him as one of the most influential authors of his day and they are about to be treated to a display of powerful oratory and great humor as he recounts the significant events and the people that shaped his life.

"An Evening with CS Lewis"  has proved to be an enthralling theatrical experience for the many thousands who have attended its performances and is a fascinating and riveting insight into the life of a man whose collected works made him one of the literary giants of the 20th century.

PRESS...(Kravis Ctr.): West Palm Beach, FL.:
Following the show
's stunning success in February of this year British actor, David Payne, returns with An Evening with C S Lewis. The South Florida Insider review said it all!  It was a complete mastery of Payne's theatrical gifts, but for us there was no acting. We only saw the genuine representation of CS Lewis. Payne's delivery, subtle movements, expressions and his uncanny ability to speak directly to you and stir you up in your seat kept you riveted and vastly entertained.a telling that was so rich in detail that you lost your bearings and experienced what Lewis experienced. Every story and every detail was never lost or changed as Payne took it on as a consummate professional with deliberate care and purpose. He even did a spot-on impression of Winston Churchill that was as stunning as it was hysterical. I had such a magnificent time in such a wonderful place and I can’t wait to see what comes next.
Well, what comes next is the welcome return of an evening with C S Lewis that is rated to be one of the best one-man performances on offer in the USA and UK! Don't miss out!"

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